Fred Gleeck is a professional speaker, seminar leader, and information marketer who has been speaking to groups for over 24 years. Fred began his career speaking directly to business and corporate audiences, and now spends his time conducting sold out public events around the world showing people how to get off "the rat race" and make a real living pursuing their interests and passions.

Fred has also been studying improv comedy for the last 20 years. He combines his background in improv and professional speaking to create a natural, authentic, conversational style that draws audiences in and keeps them coming back for more!

Fred currently splits his time between Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City where he helps professional speakers and information marketers of all sorts to succeed.

Avish Parashar is a professional speaker who works with organizations who want their people to be more nimble and flexible on the job and to be open to opportunities to grow the business. His entire program is based around using ideas and exercises from improv comedy to create interactive programs that keeps attendees laughing, engaged, and actively learning. He specializes in delivering high-energy humorous keynotes for conferences and interactive, fun, and relevant workshops for retreats.

As a keynote speaker, Avish uses improv comedy to generate humor and stories in advance and to play with the audience and stay in the moment while speaking. As a seminar and workshop leader, Avish uses ideas from improv to create interactive sessions and to interact with his audiences in a natural and playful way.

Avish has spent over 15 years performing, directing, and teaching improv comedy, is the author of the book, "Improvise to Success!" and has performed improv comedy on national TV

"Throw Away Everything You Have Ever Learned About Speaking – and Become a SEASONED PRO in Less than a Week!"

Learn the secrets the best speakers know about how to speak NATURALLY, like they were born to be in front of an audience.

  • Are you serious about taking your speaking to the next level?
  • Do you want to learn the secrets that great speakers – the ones who look like they were born with a gift – know?
  • Would you like people to come up to you after your speeches saying , “Wow! You are such a natural,” and, “Amazing! You look so authentic and comfortable on stage!”?

And would you like to do it all in just 4 days?

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March 3-6, 2011

Dear Fellow (or Aspiring) Speaker,

As you probably know, being a great speaker takes more than just good content and a well-structured outline or script.

To be a great speaker, you have to command the stage, connect with your audience, hold their attention - and be able to deliver 100% of the time no matter what happens.

The way to do that is not to memorize a series of gestures or to try to be like someone else. The way to do that is to be natural, authentic, and quick on your feet.

If you are reading this, then you are either
  1. A professional speaker who wants to take your business to the next level
  2. A successful and well-known content expert who wants to add speaking as a major piece of your business
  3. An aspiring speaker who wants to cut through all the hype and learn the skills to be a truly amazing presenter
If so, and if you are serious, then the Speaking School is for you!

We'd like to help you learn how to speak so that everyone in your audience will feel like you're a true "natural" as a speaker.

In this unique “bootcamp’ style seminar, you'll not only learn the techniques of being a great, natural speaker, but you will spend 4 days practicing, drilling, working, and getting feedback on your speaking. In short, you will walk out the door a much better, much more natural speaker!

If you'd like to:
  • Speak like a seasoned pro in very short order
  • Get months worth of hands-on training and feedback in a very short period of time
  • Be funnier, more engaging, and more authentic in every speech you give
Then keep reading!.

Participants from the March 2010 Speaking School
Why The Speaking School? Because Most Speakers Have it Wrong

The motivation behind the Speaking School is that frankly, and unfortunately, a lot of speakers just have it wrong. They have the knowledge and potential to be amazing, but they get in their own way.

And it’s not their fault! There are a lot of people out there teaching this stuff in a way that actually makes you a worse speaker in the long run!

Rather than training you to be authentic and to leverage what you do naturally, they are teaching you ridiculous things like:
  • How to make specific hand gestures at exact moments (and how to look wooden)
  • Where to buy pre-written jokes to insert into your speeches (unless you’re Leno, this is a disaster waiting to happen)
  • How to pause and move to be dramatic and theatrical (“overacting and hammy” is what I call it!)
  • How to adopt a “speaking persona” when taking the stage (i.e. how to be fake...)
Blech! If you have ever seen someone who looks rehearsed, wooden, and fake (regardless of their experience level) then you know exactly what we are talking about.

The real secret to being a great speaker is to be authentic. Very few people know how to teach this. We do, and for 4 in-depth days we will share everything we know.

STOP! There are TWO things you need to know before going any further!

First, if you're looking for a program that will give you specific gestures to make when you're speaking, this event will NOT give you those.

Quite frankly, that kind of speaking doesn't fit with our philosophy of what a great speaker does. BUT, if that point is extremely important to you, then this training is NOT for you.

Second. If you want to speak for organizations that don't have a very good sense of humor, you should probably pass on this event.

We’re being 100% serious here.

Years ago I (Fred) was asked to speak for a very conservative company who told me to avoid doing or saying anything "inappropriate."

Little did I know that in their language, that meant FUNNY.

I was the wrong guy.

And, I'll be the wrong guy to be helping you learn how to speak if that's the kind of group you'll be speaking to.

However, if you want to learn how to speak like a “natural,” and if you want to use humor – appropriate and natural humor – then keep reading...

Participants from the November 2008 Speaking School
We use a very different “style” - to train you faster and better

You'll be doing a LOT of work yourself. In addition to some lecture, there will be MOSTLY exercises.

If you're looking for a breakdown it will be ABOUT 20% lecture and 80% exercises. You'll be speaking a lot of the time!
  • You will speak
  • You will get feedback
  • You will give speeches
  • You will practice impromptu speaking
  • You will practice exercises that will draw out your natural speaking style
  • And you will do a lot of it...
Because of the small number of attendees, you will get lots of time to work on your own skills. This also ensures that the session will be customized to your personal style and speaking needs.
  • Want to work on a specific speech or topic area? That will work fine!
  • Simply want to improve your overall speaking ability? No problem!
  • Have a “sticking point” you want to get over? We’ll unstick you!
How is The Speaking School Different from other speaking skills programs?

Let's be honest, there are a BUNCH of people out there who teach people how to speak. Some of them good, some of them NOT so good.

We both have many years of experience both speaking and doing improv comedy. We will be using improv concepts and exercises as a major component of the training. That means that you'll be getting trained in a way that NO ONE else does speaker training. And a much more effective way, too.

Also, many speaking classes are taught by people who happen to be "pretty good speakers," not by people who make their livelihood on how well they can engage an audience. Who would you rather learn from?

Why improv comedy?
You may be wondering, “Why are you using improv comedy to teach me to be a great speaker?”

Several reasons:
  1. The best improvisers know the secret to great improv is to be 100% authentic.
  2. Improv is the best way to find and develop your natural humor
  3. Unlike acting or speaking classes, improv never tries to make you “act” like someone else
  4. When you can improvise, you can command the stage without notes or script
  5. If you choose to use a script, improv will show you how to connect with the audience (this is why great actors train in improvisation)
  6. With improv skill, you can not only deal with interruptions, you can use them to your advantage
  7. Improvisers must be masters at “reading the crowd.” As a speaker, this is an invaluable tool to gain rapport with the audience
  8. Improv training for speakers will help you speak a LOT better – AND help you close more sales for your products and services, too!
There’s an added bonus: the improv exercises are fun! And if you are committing to a week of drilling and learning, you’d better enjoy the learning.

Why do YOU need this Training Now?

Frankly, you don't.

You can keep speaking at your current level. That may be enough for you.

BUT, if you want to "kick it up a notch" (or three) then this event is for you.

Here's just SOME of what we'll cover (and practice!):
  • What it really means to "be authentic" – the answer may surprise you
  • The key to being charismatic and “watchable” from the platform
  • How to put aside the fear of failure
  • Speak without notes
  • Finding and developing your natural sense of humor
  • How to write humor that works for you
  • Injecting appropriate “on-the-fly” humor
  • Projecting confidence in any situation
  • Stage presence: what it is and how you can develop it
  • The “speaking sweet spot” between conversation and performance
  • How to look like you were born to be on stage
  • Avoiding looking fake
  • Why being yourself is the most important thing you can do
  • The one thing that’s more important than any “platform technique”
  • Why most traditional speaking teaching methods stink
  • A simple way to make sure you take command of the stage
  • Adding emotion and passion to your speech without overdoing it
  • Developing and unleashing your unlocked creativity
  • Generating content much faster and with much less effort than before
  • Where to find stories (they are everywhere!)
  • How to tell great stories - even if you are telling it for the very first time
  • Tying your story into any point you are making
  • The difference between being funny and being entertaining – and which one you should shoot for
  • How to deal with failed attempts at humor
  • Using interruptions to your advantage, instead of being thrown by them
  • Why you must be “an expert” and know your content to flow
  • What to do if the audience interrupts (cell phone, dropped glass, etc)
  • How to deal with hecklers or challenging people

Limited to a MAXIMUM of 6 People!

That's right. We only let at most 6 people come for the week. Sometimes it is even less, but there are never MORE than 6 people.

What does this mean for you?

An UN-BELIEVABLE amount of personal attention.

You will literally be eating, sleeping and drinking the training and information.

Additionally, it's very important to have people around (other than yours truly) to give you feedback on your speaking skills. The other 5 people in the group will be your additional feedback providers.

Where is the event Held?

We only do the event in Las Vegas. Sorry, we know it's such a boring city, but it will have to do.

We WILL make sure that there is time for FUN. BUT, that fun will be related to our topic. We'll have fun and be learning at the same time. WHAT A CONCEPT!!!

Where do you stay?

You'll be staying at my (Fred's) house in the Las Vegas suburbs. Your fee includes "room and board."

You'll have to share a room with another attendee (it’s helpful for the training) and all of your meals will be provided for you. Most of them will be eaten at the house, but a few will be eaten off-site.

When is this event?

We only offer the event twice a year at this point. Once in the Spring and again in the Fall.

The upcoming event will be on March 3-6, 2011.

Does that mean You're only Training 12 People this year?

That is 100% correct. That is the MAXIMUM number of people we will work in the next 12 months.

Can anyone come to this event?

Absolutely not. We MUST interview you after you send in your deposit. If for any reason we feel that we can't help you, then we will immediately refund your money.

Why do we do it this way? Because we want to make SURE we can improve your speaking skills. If not, we don't want your money & we don’t to waste your time, either.

Frankly, there are certain people who just aren't right for this type of training. How can we tell? Trust me, we can tell AND it's our butts on the line if we don't choose wisely. So don’t be offended if we tell you that it’s not right for you.

If we don't choose properly you'll get all the training and we'll not get a penny of compensation. NOT a good deal for anyone. That's why we're so selective!

How Long is the Training?

Four days. We start at 9AM on Thursday and end at 3PM on the following Sunday.

What is your investment?

This event costs $2,997. However, since times are tough we'll offer two "Recession Specials!":

  1. Send us your non-refundable deposit by January 15h, 2011 and your registration will be just $1,997
  2. Send us your non-refundable deposit by February 15th, 2011, and your total registration will be $2,447
That's right, sign up early and save big! But remember, there are only six spots, and when they're gone, they're gone...

To reserve a place you need to send us a NON refundable deposit of $1,000. We will then call to interview you.

There is NO other speaker training like this around!

This is a unique event. No one does it this way because frankly, most of those who teach speakers are more interested in lining their own pockets than in truly helping you become a great speaker.

(Lou Heckler's training being a NOTABLE exception - we think Lou is great!)

We certainly don't mind making money, but it's AS important that we deliver!

100% Guaranteed!
The Speaking School is a decent investment of time and money

BUT, we guarantee you'll get the best, and most concentrated training anyone can get as a speaker.

You'll be the judge. We'll tape you on Day One then again on the day you leave to show you how much progress you've made.

We think that the progress you'll make will be like getting coached by a "speaking coach" for years!

Again, though, you'll be the judge. You'll decide.

And, if we don't live up to YOUR expectations, the training is FREE. That's right. We'll refund 100% of your money. Even on the last day!

You MUST be satisfied when you leave or "it's on us!"

  • The investment includes 4 days of intense, in depth training
  • Feedback delivered to you based on your exact needs
  • Room and board for the entire week
  • Meals for the entire week
And it is all 100% Guaranteed! If we don't live up to YOUR expectations, we'll refund 100% of your money. You’ve got nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for? Spots are very limited so get your deposit in now by clicking the order button below.

Sign up for the Speaking School

P.S.- Remember - there are only 6 spots available. Once they are filled up, that’s it! Don’t delay – reserve your spot now.

Plus Order now and receive the following bonuses:

BONUS #1: Improv for Speakers DVD (a $200 Value) - don’t waste your time learning “robot-style” speaking skills. Get the real inside scoop on how to speak naturally on any stage – in front of any audience. This is a great “refresher course” to have around after you leave the bootcamp.

BONUS #2: Follow up Review – The feedback won’t end when you leave The Speaking School. If you send us a video of your presentation, we’ll watch it in full and give you additional feedback. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re doing right – and where you need to improve.

BONUS #3: Info Products Seminar – If you’re a speaker, you need to know how to create your own information products. That way you can make money while you sleep rather than go out and do gigs – plus you can do unpaid gigs that allow you to sell your products. It’s just a good idea all around. And this info packed audio recorded at Fred Gleeck’s one day event will give you everything you need to know to start your own info product empire.

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